Proper security of a mass event is not only a necessity, but most importantly, it makes organizing it easier. The Accreditation System that we offer for mass events is effective not only because it can use photos, but also because it can be adjusted for each accredited person.

Our badges are printed on paper and thermally laminated in 2x250mic foil, which makes them thick and stiff like plastic cards. We make them in A6 format, which don’t break and are resistant to outside atmospheric conditions. Production time of a badge during an event is no longer than three minutes: registration, accreditation of a person, taking a photo, badge production. During an event we make service in belt-system. With basic settings, badges can be handed out every thirteen seconds!

We have years-long experience in mass events. We’ve been working at conferences, special events, festivals, concerts and sports events. Make sure to check our portfolio. Based on our extensive experience and clients’ expectations, we created a professional, original System, which meets the highest requirements both when it comes to customization, security and operating, as well as the graphic design of a badge.

Our system has been worked out to perfection in regard to managing and production of badges in A6 format and with photos. We know from our experience that using badges with photos for an event reduces the number of accredited people and printed badges by even 30%. Photo in the badge guarantee safety for the Organizer. Unauthorized people won’t ever enter an event again!


For ORGANIZERS we provide our Accreditation System for mass events to manage the accredited participants

Accreditation System for events IDENTI Accreditation System


Each badge is fully customized and there are no limitations;  any number of access zones, groups, colors and other tags.

The photo has a transparent background and because of that a person on the badge can be recognized from even 10 meters away.

We print the entire badge – we don’t print data on prepared templates for fields or zones like others. Because of that the graphic design can be fully integrated on the entire surface of the badge. Or even change completely according to zones, groups or days.

Our standard badges are printed in A6 format. With that size, the badge is highly readable and makes space for printing a lot of data.

Accreditation Center construction

Ever since the beginning of 2019 we offer something new. Our own original construction system for an Accreditation Center, which makes it possible, at a low cost,  to arrange almost every space to a fully professional service point for people accredited for an event. The construction is made of module elements which are 90×90 cm large. We can build walls which are as high as 270 cm. Our construction system also allows us to arrange outdoor spaces to a fully functional and aesthetic Accreditation Center. With the entire construction, which consists of four walls, we can allocate and arrange a total space of 25m².


Thanks to the UV technology, only we can print badges that shine in the dark!


Our system can be tailor made, specifically for your individual needs!
Photos on the badges don't have background and because of that a person can be recognized from even 10m away!
Our team is full of true professionals. We have more than 10 years of experience!
We put highest emphasis on personal data security. Entrusting us with the administration of an accreditation database for an event, you can be sure that the data will be processed in compliance with the GDPR.