Statutory organizer duties

At IDENTI, we emphasize that our activities, at every stage, take place in accordance with applicable regulations. We attach the utmost importance to safety and security of personal data of a person to whom we issue badges. So that this process takes place in accordance with the provisions of Art. 24 and 32 GDPR. An expression of this is the appointment in our organization, in accordance with Art. 37 GDPR the Data Protection Officer (DPO), who oversees the processing of personal data at IDENTI.

In order to secure personal data processed by IDENTI when issuing badges to the accredited persons, we performed a risk analysis for the rights and freedoms of persons whose data we process, based on the methodology of international security standards and implement the current recommendations. We constantly monitor security threats and manage the risks associated with them. Following the guidelines of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on data whose processing carries a high risk, we have conducted a data protection impact assessment, in accordance with Art. 35 GDPR, for the IDENTI accreditation system.

Our tailor-made accreditation system has the functionalities required by the GDPR and numerous improvements based on the recommendations & standards of the international organizations (EDPB, OWASP).

While working with IDENTI Organizer does not have to worry about the security of personal data processing. Data security and prudence in the processes of data is our highest priority. Our specialists in this field ensure constant monitoring of information processes in the organization and improve our security systems according to the guidelines issued by the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection. Our developers implement current recommendations and good practices.

If you want to know how we protect the data entrusted with us, feel free to contact us.